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Methodology - How iBcellScore® conducts its tests?

iBcell deploys certified technicians to collect quality data and metrics pertaining to in-Building cellular networks. Our quality control professionals then ensure the collected data is accurate and meets pre-defined standards. iBcell’s stated objective is to report In-Building cellular coverage as accurately as possible from the perspective of an average cellular network user in a real-world scenario. iBcell data is collected by specially trained professionals and does not rely on unsound crowd-sourced data.

According to a J. D. Power 2019 report, the average monthly cell phone bill in the US is $73 per/month. In addition, according to wireless industry estimates, 80% of all voice calls are either initiated or end in an indoor environment. Our test procedures and algorithms are built on the assumption that users expect a high level of cellular connectivity inside the buildings in which they carry out their daily activities. This includes the ability to make/receive voice calls, connect to emergency services, and experience reasonable levels of hi-speed connectivity.

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